What are the challenges of running a social media agency in 2020?

What has the coronavirus outbreak changed in social media management?

Golden rule: be flexible and adapt. Look for skills. Have a culture of learning. 

Which brand has a great social media presence?* 

Daniel Rae (co-founder of We Are Hydrogen marketing agency from Glasgow, the UK), shares a few insights in a very special interview with our CEO, Bo Pokstefl. 

*(spoiler alert: it's Lego!)

How to run a social media agency in a "modern, agile way"?

Our Guest knows it well:

Keep it as simple as possible. Find something to be passionate about in terms of the sectors you want to work with. Find your niche!

Alex McCann (over 20 years experience of online marketing) shares a few insights in a very special interview with our CEO, Bo Pokstefl. 

We’re going to take a closer look at Kontentino’s product updates - including the ones that haven’t been fully released yet, so stay tuned and let’s dive right in.

  • integration with Facebook Ads Manager
  • the improvements to Instagram Scheduling
  • Reports that you can easily create & customise
  • a couple more updates in store 

Building and nurturing company culture can be quite challenging when teams are working from home. Kontentino CEO, Bo, shares his tips that will help you to keep your team motivated and happy. 

Companies have found themselves in a strange situation. Not many of us know what to do. In this episode, Bo Pokstefl, CEO of Kontentino is talking to Matt Sucha, co-founder of MINDWORX and expert on behavioural economics and customer behaviour. Listen to their tips on what to do to save your business.

Join Juraj Zamborsky, our Head of Sales as he interviews Shane Barker in his mini-series for Behind Social podcast. 

Shane Barker is one of the biggest names in digital marketing. He is the guy you call when you need to boost your marketing strategy. Listen to the inspiring story of how it all became, what's influencer marketing and much more!

Join us for a second episode about setting your social media strategy the right way. Don't forget to listen to the first part!

Do you have a social media strategy in place?

Not having a clear strategy often means missing out on seeing any results from your marketing efforts.

Join us for our first episode about social media strategy and how to set it.


Wondering whether you followed all of the social media trends for 2019? Well, here's your last chance to look back at your marketing efforts and incorporate some last-minute changes before the end of the year!



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